CVHCare is a Joint Commission accredited, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services certified and Department of Public Health licensed healthcare organization. We are a company devoted to building, maintaining, improving and implementing healthcare programs geared toward keeping seniors in control of their health and independence.

CVHCare provides a wide range of health care services that can be delivered in the comfort of your home. Our programs, when appropriate, are far less expensive, more convenient than and just as effective as the care you get in a Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility.


The following client testimonials have been edited to allow for public viewing. Personal identifiers and HIPAA-related details have been removed.

Many thanks for the excellent & professional care you have provided me.
- Patient, K.R.

My family was thrilled with your services! Thank you for the outstanding care!
– Daughter, L.M.

I am writing to you to tell you how absolutely thrilled we are to have [CVH Nurse] taking care of my wife during a most difficult time in her life. [CVH Nurse] is kind, gentle, responsive and very compassionate. The word patient also comes to mind as I’m afraid I really tested her (at all hours) with my many questions. We couldn’t ask for a better person helping us. She is a definite asset to your organization and I hope that she is getting the recognition she deserves.
– Husband, D.C.

I am most grateful to all the staff at CVH with whom I have been in contact…especially with [CVH Physical Therapist] & [CVH Occupational Therapist], who are my Physical and Occupational Therapists respectively. And I am also grateful to those who have evaluated my situation and have responded accordingly.

My recovery from [autoimmune disorder] has been what I consider a miracle and I am just so thankful they were there to help me. I am sure I would not be walking yet if it wasn’t for [CVH Physical Therapist]. His enthusiasm for my continual, gradual improvements was most helpful all along the way. This guidance and encouragement helped me to overcome my apprehension while enabled me to reach my goals.

My sincere thanks to all at CVH for helping me to gain back my independence."
– Patient, E.D.

I would like to thank [CVH Nurse] and all in the staff who are assigned to me. They gave their best care.

Please accept this letter as my sincerest gratitude for the care I have received from [CVH Nurse]. From the very beginning he has shown the utmost compassion and professionalism in my care. He always has time to answer my questions and alleviate my fears. He has willingly shared his knowledge with my daughter so that she may manage my care in between his visits. He understands the difficulty of being dependent on others for basic necessities and has always managed to allow me my dignity and modesty.

[CVH Nurse] has managed my care both masterfully and compassionately. I am very grateful that you send him to my home. I have always felt that his gentleness and knowledge were and incredible gift in my care. [CVH Nurse is a great credit to your organization.
– Patient E.M.

I have been under the care of your staff for the last two months. I wanted to express my gratitude for the assistance that I have received since being released from the hospital and during my recovery at home. Both [CVH Nurse] and [CVH Physical Therapist] provided clear instructions to my wife and me, in addition to being available to answer all of our questions.

I would also like to express my extreme gratitude for the assistance that [CVH Physical Therapist] gave our family. As a dialysis patient of 10 years, I have benefited from the very close and personal support of my doctors and related professionals who have been given me confidence and the belief that I could move forward through some very difficult times. I now include [CVH Physical Therapist] as a member of that support team. She not only instructed me in ways that have assisted me in recovering basic physical functionality, but she was the first person to convince me during my current crisis that I would be able to walk again, at a time when I was convinced that I never would. She was adept at motivation and encouragement at times when I felt restricted by my own pain.

Now that I am moving on to out-patient therapy, it is my hope that I encounter someone like [CVH Physical Therapist] to work with me through this next phase of my recovery. My wife and I will miss her very much.

Again thank you for your assistance and I would recommend your company to anyone in need of excellent in-home nursing and physical therapy management.
– Patient, L.V.

This letter is to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the excellent care, time, and support that my mother received from [CVH Physical Therapist] in Physical Therapy rehabilitation. Her good heart, compassion, and patience were evident the minute she came to my home. My mother stayed with me for approximately 1-month while recuperating from a fractured ankle. She came to stay with me as she could not remain safely alone and I selected your agency to provide in-home physical therapy.

[CVH Physical Therapist] was always very prompt, courteous and professional. In addition, she was also very sensitive and astute in being considerate of my mother’s emotional state, as my mother, understandably, was having a bit of a challenging time adjusting to her temporary loss of independence. Finally, [CVH Physical Therapist] cheerful and positive demeanor often cheered up my mother and she was like a “ray of sunshine” during a time when my mother needed her spirits lifted.

It was truly a joy and a gift to have such a wonderful Physical Therapist assisting my mother. Under [CVH Physical Therapist] professional and therapeutic guidance and care, my mother made amazing progress in her rehabilitation.

It is my hope that [CVH Physical Therapist] dedication to her profession along with the sincere care that she conveys to her patients will continue to be recognized by CVH. You have a wonderful employee!"
– Daughter, B.P.

This letter is to inform your company of how tremendous your service has been in providing therapy to our love one. Your Therapist with vast knowledge and unique skills has been the perfect asset to her physical and mental success…. As the months went by [CVH Physical Therapist] continued instructing our mother on how to hold good posture when sitting, standing and walking. She continues to improve. Our family has so much confidence in [CVH Physical Therapist] techniques that we cheerlead his every effort….Finally, we as a family want to commend [CVH Physical Therapist] for his hard work, patience and love for what he does. You should feel very honored to have such a great therapist on your team, because our family is thankful that we have made such a good friend.
- Patient’s Family

[CVH Occupational Therapist] has really impacted my life. She is great at what she does. She spent time with me, showed me exercises and because of her, I have regained my strength and my outlook of my life is good. I could tell she really cares about people. She showed me how caring for others is important. If I should get sick again, I would want [CVH Occupational Therapist] to help me.
– Patient C.L.

Please accept my sincerest gratitude for the care I have received from [CVH Physical Therapy Assistant]. At the time I could barely stand and required a great deal of assistance. Although my body was very weakened from an extended hospital stay there was also my fear of falling which prevented me from progressing as quickly as it was expected I would. Once [CVH Physical Therapy Assistant] realized there were additional issues besides my weakened physical state he began addressing my fears as well. He refused to allow the words “I can’t” into our sessions. His compassion was real but his strength and his belief in me that I would and could recover the use of my legs allowed me to believe as well. He exhibited an inordinate amount of patience and his calm demeanor and his genuine caring and belief made our sessions a positive time that I actually looked forward to. Time and time again his work ethic, his compassion and his understanding of my individual needs drew me to exceed his expectations. Today, I can walk with the assistance of a walker. I grow stronger daily and am very grateful for his continuous care.

Thank you for sending him to my home and into my life. His professionalism and his compassion for his patients is a great credit to your organization.
– Patient E.M.

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